GSender start up - Slow or not at all

Hi. I’ve been using GSender for 9 months or so. If I wait for windows to fully load and then give it a couple of minutes GSender will usually start fine, but If I start windows and auto start GSender or start it immediately all my just grinds and I usually have to kill it a few times under Task manager. And it takes a few goes to get it started then takes a long time. Is this a windows issue or a GSender issue? Lightburn, Vectric, etc all start without issue.

Not sure what you mean with “all my just grinds”. Do you mean the PC grinds to a halt?

I’m not sure why but I can say that gSender, while I really like it, is one of the slowest programs I have ever used in terms of startup time. I am also on Windows. It’s almost as bad as Microsoft Video Studio in that regard and with the speed of computers today I just don’t get why a program should ever be that slow to start.

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Amen, brother! I’ve reported the same here several times without an explanation that makes sense. Sometimes I just give up waiting, kill it and start over. Occasionally, it then loads quickly. I don’t have the time to sit there and anal-yze memory use and etc.