Gsender surfacing program

I ran the GSender surfacing program the problem I ran into was the motion of the Z axis is moving in the opposite direction. I set surfacing bit at zero, the bit goes down into the wood and then moves back up above the wood and continue to try surface the wood. At the end of the program the bit heads diagonals to home position but not before it dives into the wood. I believe the z axis direction is reversed. How do I correct. Is there a command in GSender that I can change to fix this.

@TheJet2 Welcome to the group! Does your Z axis move backwards with the jog buttons as well? If so then the axis is backwards and can be changed in the firmware settings in GSender. It’s setting 3 and you just need to toggle the Z axis so it’s opposite of the current direction.

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Thank you that worked but I also had to change the Z direction in my homing
Thank you for your help

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@TheJet2 @_Michael Even though Michael provided the solution, I have moved this topic to the gSender Questions category so that members will be able to find it more easily, if needed, in the future.

As your issue is resolved, I’m closing the topic. Do not hesitate to ask if future issues come up.