Gsender to control board issues

My Mk2 30/30 has developed a stutter when I try to jog the machine in x and y axis.
It first happened when I was resurfacing my spoilboard yesterday. I thought I might have gotten dust in the control panel so I wiped everything down completely and blew off the control panel. I did not find any dust inside that I could see through the vent holes in the sides of the control panel. Then the machine started not jogging at all in normal mode and was very slow in the rapid mode. I decided to reset the default on my Gsender and it worked fine for the rest of the day.
Then this morning I went to use the machine and it started this stuttering effect, but once I turned on the router and started the program it would work fine. once the program completed it goes back to stuttering when I jog the machine from gsender. Is there something I am missing. or is there a controller issue.
I use my machine almost daily and have gotten used to a lot of the little quirks of the machine, but this one has me concerned. I bought the machine in December 2021 but did not receive it until March 2022. In that time I have completed over 100 projects. Is my machine just wearing out?

@Wescon if these things crapped out due to dust they create none of this would work. Seems like a software issue. Would you care to post a file with the stuttering so we can tear it apart?

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Today and yesterday 1/9 and 1/10 the machine and program seem to be back on track and no stuttering has occurred. A ghost in the machine I swear.

By the way these are just a couple of the projects I have been making this past year.

Glad your ghost went somewhere else and things are working again!