Gsender unresponsive

I’m a newbie but have completed a few test projects. I have had several times were I’ll be jogging and then the application becomes unresponsive. Noticed sometimes it happens after I Zero All. Sometimes I hit Start Job and nothing happens. And sometimes the job sill stops shortly after it starts.

I have checked the connections and all seems fine.

App version 1.2.2

Any messages on the screen?

No error messages except when I connect/disconnect and then reconnect. Been trying that to reset things along with restarting computer and gsender. And its not isolated to any one file either.

On the times where I hit Start Job, absolutely nothing happens. Hitting Stop does nothing. And can’t jog it.

And it forgets the zero all spot. Maybe thats user error.

@Clt49er Are you on a Windows PC?

Yes. Specifics…

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 7730U with Radeon Graphics 2.00 GHz
Installed RAM: 16.0 GB (15.3 GB usable)
Windows 11 Home
Version 23H2

@Clt49er Confirm that all power settings for the USB ports are turned off. Do not let Windows turn off or regulate power to them.

You have had successful projects, correct?

When did you upgrade to 23H2?

Interesting. Will check the settings out. Let you know. Thx

Yes. I have done a few successful projects. Pc is brand new and came with that windows version.

@Clt49er I didn’t know that they were shipping pc with 23H2. I’m keeping on 22H2 until forced to change.

Just to be clear, have you had successful projects with this new PC?

Yes. Have a completed a few successful projects with no issues.

I just changed my USB power setting to not save power.

Here is a snapshot where I am “Connected” but on “Idle.” Can’t jog at this point. Eventually Idle turns to Disconnected.

Double checked emergency button. No issues. Red light comes on the control board when I release the button.

@Clt49er That all looks good to me - unfortunately.

My final words are to ensure that you re-started Windows after you changed your USB power settings and confirm in Device Manager that the com port shown in gSender is the com port windows has assigned to the control board.

Assuming all is well there, I suggest that you raise a support ticket with Sienci.

After a bunch of trial and error, I think the culprit is my LED lighting inside my enclosure. I’ve unplugged it and have completed a few more job successfully…I came across an article about this. Something to do with interference. Case closed until further notice. THANK YOU FOR THE ASSISTANCE!

@Clt49er That’s one that I can add to the troubleshooting list. :grinning:

Like you, I have heard about some LED drivers causing havoc with other electronics.

I’ve marked your thread as resolved and will close it now. Have fun.

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