gSender v1.0.3-No Mods

Just installed v1.0.3 without any mods to settings and it ran flawlessly! Ran some files that were run 15 min earlier with ugs and they actually ran better, ugs threw an error hold a few seconds in but gSender did not. I’m very impressed with the built in preset for the longmill. Just to reiterate, I installed gSender and ran (3) different files on the same project and it worked flawlessly. UGS is now just for backup…
Good job guys and gals! It is really great when things just work!

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That’s certainly comforting news from an experienced Longmiller, Rick. Being new to all of this, I’d heard less than glamourous reports about gSender, so this latest report on its performance has encouraged me to stay the course and use it until I have enough experience to appreciate its capabilities.

Marty Schlosser
Kingston, ON, Canada

Hey Marty,
That’s why I waited until v1+…
I literally installed gsender, loaded a file and walked away. I do have a camera pointed at it, safety first.
and my twisted brain is going to tinker with this latest version just to see what happens
It is great when things just work, that doesn’t happen very often

V4 Nordic (398.6 KB)
These are the files I ran. Tweaked a file from Vectric, put a different spin on it. Keep in mind, feeds and speeds are set up for the Longmill. Wood species didn’t seem to matter that much, ran it on some stinky cottonwood. I could have run it faster…

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