gSender won't connect

I added limit switches, got gSender 7.5. Flashed the firmware update. Set the parameters to the instructions for the limit switches. I hit the Home button in the upper right, it went through and then I had a unlock screen pop up. Then nothing moved, no matter the direction. I disconnected and reconnected, or tried to connect and now get the following message. "error openting port ‘/dev/ttyACM0’.

I am using a Raspberry Pi 4 and could use some help in getting this operating again.

Unplug USB, replug and try again.

I did, it reconnected, but nothing is moving. It said click to home (red), then homing (green) and can’t get it to move in any direction. Even tried reflashing the firmware. I even tried CNCjs and the machine won’t move now.

No errors popping up?
Anything in the Console?

No. My feeble brain can’t figure it out. I was thinking of hooking up a laptop but I think it is something in the firmware or maybe even the longboard and whether it’s RP4 or Windows won’t make a difference .

I reflashed firmware again. And whatever it did worked. Machine is operational and homes to left front corner. Now to figure out work offsets.

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Not sure what you might have changed, but glad you’re in business.

It’s strange, the settings in the firmware look different. I will check them out and write them down to keep later when I turn it on again. Time to watch football.