Gsender - Z moving down when push button for XYO

have been using Gsender for at least a year now and new item has me baffled. When i hit the XY0 but to bring my router to the starting mark to start cutting my design, the Z drops down below the zero’d point and then starts to move to the xy0 location. This drives my bit into the subject surface and then start to move either scratching the hell out of the project or breaking bits. I have broken 3 tappered bits so far and ruined some very expensive wood. This used to raise the Z axis up and then move. What am i doing wrong?

Are you using the safe height in gSender? And have you recently installed limit sensors?

The reason I’m asking is because the safe height in gSender works differently depending on if you have limit switches/sensors. You can read about how it works here but in short without limit switches it moves above the set zero by the safe height. But with limit switches it moves DOWN from the top of the Z axis by the safe height. This behavior can lead to a down movement if the Z zero is relatively high or the safe height is relatively big.


Thanks. I think this is the answer. Yes I recently installed the limit sensors. Must have missed where it said about the movement of the safe height. Will check this out before I ruin anymore bits or wood. Again thanks for the quick response.