gSender's Outline feature

What is it and what’s the purpose? I searched the resources and didn’t see anything? Maybe I should click on it next time I’m in the shop but I do have a hard time pushing buttons when I don’t know what they are going to do.


@Swinly Using it allows you to make sure that your project actually fits on your material and that it will carve where you want it to.

I think if you go here

Chris shows it in action. I say “think” because I am running another application in my PC that takes over the audio, so I can’t run the link to confirm what I think is there.

If I’m wrong, L, let me know and I will take some time to find what I know is here somewhere.

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Thanks, I found the segment you were talking about. I diffidently will be using that feature. It is something I’ve been wanting but didn’t know it. Good job to all that decided to put that in.

Now I have the urge to do a project with Popeye.