Guitar CNC building

Hello, can someone advise me which CNC setup is best for building electric guitars? I am new to CNC, but am sure a trim router isn’t up to cutting a quitar body!
Thanks in advance for any advise you can offer to help me!

Welcome to the group Scott. Actually the LongMill is capable of cutting a guitar body. Search the FaceBook group for the longmill for guitar and you will find several people are currently building guitars. Both acoustic and solid body. Did a search on this forum and the FaceBook group looking for uploaded files but nothing came up. Did a Google search using this tag “building a guitar on a cnc” created a lot of videos and information. Should get you started at least. Good luck.

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Thank you very much Heyward! This is excellent news. I am new to CNC and am grateful for any advice!

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You’re welcome Scott. Always come here any time to post questions or provide information. Post on the “Show Off” category how things are going, even mistakes. Check out my “Rooster Issues” in the mistakes section of “Show Off”. You will get lots of help. Enjoy.

Check out Austin Shane’s YouTube page at

He created some great videos on learning Fusion 360 CAD and CAM. His main project was creating a guitar. You’ll find all steps in his channel. Very good details and tutorials.

Thanks Mac, this is a huge help!