Halloween Contest 2021

Hey @all! Halloween’s around the corner and we’d love to see how you are celebrating. :jack_o_lantern: Share your Halloween themed projects here on the forum, and they will be voted upon by community members! Winners will be selected based on number of votes, but a few winners may also be hand picked by our Moderator and Admin team.

Enter by submitting your project to this thread, with the following requirements:

  • Describe the process of completing your project, including any finishing, planning and even mistakes! We want to learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Include pictures of your work, anything from in-progress to finished product photos.
  • Provide the 2D/3D design file (such as .svg, .dxf, .stl), or if the design is not yours, provide a link for where you purchased or received your file.

Contest Rules :warning:

  • The project must be done mostly or entirely on a LongMill or Mill One.
  • Submissions must be posted in this forum thread. Entries outside of this thread will not be counted.
  • Multiple entries allowed, up to 3 per person. Only 1 prize can be won per person.
  • When voting opens, contest participants cannot vote for their own submission.

:exclamation:Submissions will end on Friday November 5th, 2021, 12pm EST.
:bangbang: Voting will open Friday November 5th 2021, and will end Friday November 12th, 12pm EST.

Top 10 winners can choose 1 of:

  • Inductive Sensor Kit

  • Spare Parts Kit
    12pc V-wheels
    4pc anti-backlash blocks
    3pc couplers
    4 pc ACME nuts

  • Signmaking Kit
    1pc - 90 Degree V-Bit
    1pc - 60 Degree V-Bit
    2 sets (4pcs) - 30 Degree Engraving V-Bit
    1pc - ¼” Downcut Bit

  • Relief Cutting Kit
    1pcs - ¼” Tapered Bit
    1 set (2pcs) - ⅛” Tapered Bit
    1pcs - ¼” Ball Nose
    1 set (3pcs) - ⅛” Ball Nose

Depending on volume we may give out more prizes, so keep posting! Happy making :grin:


I’m not entering (no LongMill), but I thought I’d share an old project that comes out this time of year…a PVC ghost and spiderWeb for the front door. I did this one about 4 years ago. It’s about 2’x4’ (1200mm x 600mm) with a 16.5" (425mm) diameter web.
I had to tile the ghost on my machine due to its length. This was all done in a combo of Inkscape and Fusion 360.

Fusion Files:
Ghost_door.zip (3.2 MB)


Very neat work Neil :cowboy_hat_face: I’m looking forward to seeing some other submissions come through in the next week. I’m sure there are already many cuts being churned out for Halloween so why not get some free stuff along the way :smiley:

Halloween contest entry
Zombie stl file purchased from 3D wave
Rough pass 1/4 end mill 120 ipm
Finish pass 1/32 endmill 100 ipm
Made with the long mill and vcarve software
Pine finished with tung oil


Great work Todd! The detail on the carve is spot on :star:

hey everyone!

Currently working on this one, made from an Adobe illustrator design file. This one we made is 28"×14", made from 3/4" mdf. Ready for paint!


@Designsquid Welcome to the group, Chris. You will find it an excellent source of experience and knowledge. You’ve made a great first post! Please be sure to post again when it’s painted and ready to spook. :grinning:

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First entry. I found this image on the web (can’t remember where), and using VCarve desktop, I traced the bitmap and vectorized it. The biggest challenge was resizing the vines so they would fit the bit, I actually had to buy some 1/8 DC bits to do this project. Since I’m new at the CNC, I went through a few ideas on how to make it, including doing a pocket cut to get rid of material, which would have left small pieces flying, and a few other ways to cut and hold the small pieces with tabs. In the end, I decided to test cut and see if the small pieces would fly out or wobble in place on their own. I think because I used 1/8 ply and a small bit, it worked, so I cut out all the small pieces first with a profile, then an inside profile on the larger part and letters. It was fun and challenging because I had to learn and practice manipulating nods in many ways, which was new to me. I did get a lot of hints and support from the FB group, it’s a great community. I used Rustoleum spray for the orange and black 12x12 inch boards, and I glued everything using CA glue.

Happy Halloween pumpkin.crv (1.1 MB)


Some Halloween wooden lanterns I made for our house.

Made from cedar fence boards that I planed down to 1/2".
Used a 1/16" bit for the first time and didn’t break it!

Update (once I re-read instructions):
Design process was finding Clipart and then tracing it out in Vectric.

Planed Cedar deck board to 1/2". Cut to size and sanded, glued and pin nailed together.
2 look better finished as I altered my finishing process with more sanding.
*Added Vectric file

Halloween Lanterns - Sienci.crv (1.3 MB)


My 5 year old son is dressing up as an astronaut for Halloween. I made a jetpack out of two 2L pop bottles and as a finishing touch I designed a vinyl decal with his first initial in a space-y font. I cut this out using a drag knife attached to a custom mount I made for my longmill (it uses 3d printed parts, springs, and LM8UU bearings). My mount will also accept a pen or marker, so it is a good way to draw pictures. It’s great to be able to use the longmill for a wide variety of things other than just cutting with endmills!

Edit: here is a link to my drag knife mount design longmill/DragKnifePen_Mount at main · coreyker/longmill · GitHub


@frankchannel While I bow t your imagination with the jet packs, I’m really fascinated by the mount. Do you have plans, or did you make it up as you went along? It sure looks very professional.

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Thanks! I made the mount design in fusion 360. There’s just a few things I want to tweak, but then I can share it with anyone who’s interested.

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Here is my finished product. Original entry above.


Another quick project! We used 1/4" mdf and printed vinyl to make a door sign!!


Great work everyone! Just another few days before the contest closes. If you have your design file please add it to your post :slight_smile:

@aringer Good to hear you learned some new techniques along the way with this carve. For large pieces I use screws to hold down flying pieces, so I can see how the small vines can pose a challenge!

@Dlab006 Derrell this is great Halloween decoration - out of curiosity did you put LEDs or candles in the lanterns?

@frankchannel Corey definitely a creative way to make a jetpack! And I’m sure many people would love to know how you made that custom mount.

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Hi Grant, I posted my mount design files here if you’re curious.

So this is my Trick or Treat Acrylic LED Light. Designed in Illustrator and cut on my LongMill. Used a 90 Degree Drag Bit for the Spider Web, and a .98mm 2 Flute for the infill/pocket areas (testing out ways to do these faster). Then a 2 flute straight bit to cut it out.


1/2” plywood, carved 3/8” using the Longmill with 1/4” and then 1/8” downcut 2 flute, filled with coloured epoxy, put the piece through my belt sander to remove top overfill and then sanded off the rear 1/8” then backlit the piece with LED’s


With Halloween behind us, I finally have time to submit my project. Better late than never! Ha!

STING and The Leaves of Lórien from the Lord of the Rings

More pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/tJtoPdVghTmS8vXTA

I found files on Thingiverse that I fixed and split using Meshmixer and 3D builder.

The resulting files were used in Fusion 360 to generate the toolpaths. Carved in pine with a 1/8 ball mill.
The pieces were sanded and painted by my kids. : )
Overall, satisfied with the result. This was only for a Halloween costume.

In order to make these better, I need to adapt the original 3D file better and tweak the tool passes. Also, the next one will be made from hardwood for a better feel and better engraving detail.

I hope you enjoy!