Handwheel gsender PC

Hello is there a handwheel that is suitable for gsender and can be connected to a PC?

thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

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@manuel2303 Welcome to the forum Manuel! Excellent group of people, all willing to help. I don’t have experience with what you are asking about. Not to say someone hasn’t found a way. They will chime in. I know that there has been talk of an inclusive controller for Gsender, I don’t recall where I read it. Once again welcome!

Welcome to the forum Manuel. The info in this GitHub Issue for GRBL might be relevant although it’s a bit old and maybe things have changed.

EDIT: This is all new to me, I didn’t even know what a CNC handwheel was but I assume we are talking about something like this?

It was this bit from the GitHub issue that made me question whether a device like that can work with GRBL.

A handwheel works with a system that has closed-loop control or a specifically-written stepper algorithm that can handle distinct and asynchronous input from a handwheel. Grbl does neither.

This is exactly what I meant :slightly_smiling_face: