Has any experienced random reversing of an axis?

Thanks everyone. I changed the terminal connection block and plug and it is up and running again.

However, I did notice something else when I removed the cover to change the block. One of the components (a capacitor I believe) has a puncture in it. I am wondering if anyone knows if this is an issue. It seems to be working fine, but in the past I have had some unexepcted behavior from my machine on some very long programs. (Always more frustrating when it is 6 hours in when it screws up) I chalked it up to bad gcode, but ran the program again and it still screwed up, but at a different spot. Might this capacitor be the issue?


Well, that capacitor is definitely blown. Whether it’s causing you problems or not I can’t say. Looks like it’s on one of the driver boards? I’d say it’s filtering power to the board, but don’t know for sure without a schematic. I’d replace it if it were me. That cap is polarized so it should only be inserted one way. If it were installed backwards it could blow like that. If it is a driver board compare it with the others to see if it was installed correctly.