Has anyone received their AltMill yet?

I’ve been checking the order status of the AltMills, and unless I’m reading the report, it appears that none of them have yet shipped.

I can appreciate that it’s a completely new design, so most would understand that there’s bound to be delays. I think it’d be fair to receive an update from the company…

Marty from Kingston


Based on the team’s estimates, we expect to start shipping on the second week of June, but wanted me to let everyone know to set their expectations not too high in case we run into issues.

You may have already read this, but just in case …

Hey Marti, Andy has done an update around the first week of every month, here, in the blog and on the You Tube page. He covers all the stuff going on at the company including the Altmill. They’re trying to start shipping in the next couple of weeks, but stuff can happen when you release a new product… Patience :grin:

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I took a look at Andy’s latest video and it helped placate me… a bit! I’m still chomping at the bit to get mine, though, even though I know it’s not scheduled (at least under the current report) to ship in August.