Has anyone used this training company?

I know I am barely scratching the surface with my Long Mill CNC. I have attempted to watch YouTube videos, and while they help, they are not the end all.

I looked last night and found this:


Has anyone purchased any training from them, and if so, was it worth it?

Thanks in advance for any guidance that can be provided. As always I greatly appreciate it!

His free quick tips are very helpful. I signed up to his email tips, but do not have his learning programs. Easy to understand, and informative.

@Jake LIke Oz, I get Kyle’s quick tips and have learned a lot from them. I took his free bootcamp, too. Much of it was stuff that I already knew, but the lessons were well laid out. The Canadian dollar is very bad right now, but I may still buy his course. He puts sales on from time to time and I’m hoping that he puts one on for black friday.

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@ozguzzi , @gwilki Thanks gentlemen! I just want to use my CNC to its fullest ability and Kyle’s course stood out from others that are available. Maybe there are still folks out here that have taken the full course and will chime in. That is what I am hoping too Grant, a Black Friday sale, although 249.00 usd didn’t sound too bad all things considering. I have done reasonably well being self taught, but think some additional education may greatly enhance my ability.

Once again thank you!

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So I purchased his VCarve Master Training Course on Black Friday, also got a trial of his live classes. I attended a live class geared towards Aspire this evening. There were some points that crossed to VCarve Pro too. He really seems to know his stuff. I have a 30 day money back guarantee on his master course, so I am going to hit the ground running with those classes. I will post more once I start taking the classes.

@Jake I bought his VCarve course using his Black Friday sale price. I’m only a short way in right now, but so far, I’m not feeling any buyer’s remorse. I did not get the live training.

Best sale ever!!!
@Jake don’t over think it, just roll with it. Lots of free info out there. Make some chips!

It might be worth checking out reviews or forums to get more perspectives.

I totally get where you’re coming from—YouTube tutorials can be hit or miss. I haven’t tried the Learn Your CNC training, but if it helps, I stumbled upon an awesome training provider in Malaysia. They’ve got a reputation for top-notch CNC courses. I gave it a shot, and it really boosted my skills. The hands-on approach and personalized guidance made a huge difference for me. Maybe worth checking out before making a decision.

@LuciaBruce You don’t say who it is. :grinning:

If it is Kyle Ely’s cource, it really is GREAT. I’m about half way through and I learned more in the first level, that I have learned in two years on my own. It is a very, very good cource.