Has the Altmill started shipping yet?

I keep looking for reviews from independent third parties but nothing yet :frowning:

Hello @Jens !

Preview from a third party.
I purchased my LongMill after watching his video on the M2. I’ve had my LongMill for just about 2 years now. I would love to upgrade to an alt mill, but not quite ready. Maybe by the time they are freely available, this fall or early winter? Don’t hesitate, great company and exceptional forum.

@Jens You can stay up to date by reading the blog. Here is the most recent status of the altmill

This means that the first 50 AltMill customers should prepare to receive their machines in June, although we are working as hard as possible to start shipping in May.

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Yes, I saw that. I was hoping there might be some more info (it is almost June) . Guess I have to be a bit more patient.

I guess I should have said ‘independent’ third party review. This fellow has done a lot of videos for Scienci so not really independent. Thanks for posting the link though, I hadn’t seen this clip before.

I’m purty sure that Garrett has his own opinions and business, so I don’t know what you are looking for when you say “independent third parties.” Perhaps you don’t either. :smiley:

Don’t miss the obvious point that there isn’t an AltMill available for reviewers to review. (Garrett is reviewing videos from Scienci’s testing.)


The Altmill is not yet in the hands of us users. My Altmill is # 14 on the status page. I hope to see it arrive the second or third week in June