Have to reset gsender to default before each use

I am a new longmill MK2 user (new to CNC), it seems every time I Power up the machine and gsender I have to go and restore to defaults in gsender. If I don’t as soon as I go to jog x,y or z the stepper motors just lock up and i cant move anything.

also having a problem with the autozero, it will do z fine but crashes into the sides for x & y. I choose autozero probe and set it to auto.

I am having the same trouble. A reset to the default settings fixes it. I read somewhere that flashing the grbl would help too so I did that.

Did the flashing help?

Not sure yet. It acted fine all day.

I’m having the same issue, it locks up when I try to jog it. any fix for this yet?
I went back to the older version that worked. Thnx

@wpheck @rcdoyal @Louvp Have you installed version 1.4.4? If so, has this resolved your issues?

That is the version I’m using when this happens.

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V1.4.4 does the same thing when I try to jog it just makes buzzing noise, I did install V1.4.0 and it seems to be ok I can jog with no problem

I just did as previous poster suggested and restored defaults after I connected to the machine and it seems to be working ok now. even shut it down and turned it back on and it still ok without having to restore defaults again. Thanks