Having motors always energized, pros and cons

So like the title says I’m interested in any pros and cons of setting $1=255. The reason I ask is because a little while back I was being more aggressive with a 1/4" bit and I think it dragged the Z down. If I recall correctly I was doing a 4mm pass depth at 70inch/min or so. All I know for sure was I ruined two pieces of wood in one session because the bit sloped down on a profile cut. After stopping the machine and moving the Z up, the bit seemed to still be tight in the collet.

So here’s what I got for possible pros and cons.


  • A bit is less likely to drag the Z down if that’s what happened.


  • Possibly reduced lifespan of motor?

If anyone has pros or cons to setting the motors to always energized, or runs their machine with them always energized I would be interested in hearing what you have to say.

Thanks in advance,

@_Michael I’ll be interested in any replies, Michael. FWIW, I question whether your Pro is accurate. It may be, but I doubt it. As for your Con, you are right and I’ve read this somewhere in the forum. The motors will run warmer since they never power off and that could/will lead t reduced lifespan.

@_Michael I can’t comment on your Pro. Your Con has been discussed here before and you are right.

Another pro comes when using the laser. I found that leaving the motors energized resulted in more accurate burns, particularly in corners when the Mill is changing direction. The advice that I received from the LAHobby guy was that the laser was turning off prematurely because the motors powered down coming into the corner. I could only prove that by entering $1=255. Sure enough, my issue was solved. I don’t pretend to fully understand it, but worked. :grinning:

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I question whether my pro is accurate as well :rofl:. I will be leaving $1 at it’s default value. Thanks for the response.

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Thanks for that tidbit Grant, I’ll keep that in mind that it may be useful to temporarily set $1=255 for the laser.

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