Having trouble with male part of inlay

Hi. I’ve done a few basic inlays following Garrett Fromme’s YouTube videos. However the one I’m trying to make right now is giving me some trouble. I’ve cut the female part just fine but the male part I can’t get quite right. I’ve attached the file here if anyone is interested in helping out :slight_smile:

chai-coaster-male.crv3d (3.8 MB)
chai-coaster-female.crv3d (157.5 KB)


Can you describe what is happening (and maybe show us a picture or two)?

I’m not able to open your files since I use Fusion 360, but may be able to help conceptually.

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@hhrahman I would like to help out, but I only have VCarvePro, which will not open Aspire files. If no one here can assist, I suggest you post this in the Vectric forum. There are guys over there who are wizards with this kind of problem.

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@hhrahman When i did my first I found this in the forums a gadget to help. Made my inlay process easy.

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Thanks @elbarsal I’ll post some photos and describe the issue later today when I am home.

Thanks for the suggestion of posting in the Vectric forum @gwilki , didn’t even think of that!