HDPE Clamps from HDPE - Read down for Free Files

I’m way late on this, but would love the files! They look great!

Hi Bill,
Great job. I don’t have mine yet but can’t wait for it to arrive.
Could you send me the files? Curtis.shawn75@gmail.com
Thank you.

need your email address, sorry got it

Need your email address

Sorry Bill… I was a fool and replied to the email :slight_smile: … it’s bosn181@gmail.com

@Bill I’ve just this week been working on putting inserts in my spoilboard. Would love to have the file please.
Thank you,

Just saw this and really interested if still available. rcburtch@hotmail.com would be the email. Thanks in advance if it is still possible.

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@Rcburtch sent today

Nice work!
I would love a copy of the files as well. Thanks.

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If you get the chance, could you please send me the file. They look great and better than the ones i currently have. mattv258@GMAIL.COM

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Hi Bill. Would love to have this file they look amazing
email. albertawayne@gmail.com
Thanks wayne

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Hi Bill could I get the grid file and the hdpe file please

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Sorry to those that sent me a request, I was actually on my first vactation in almost two years!

One update is if you use the t nuts as I do, even with 2" stock, you can use 2.250 screws, just cut some 2X2’s about 1.5" and shim the non contact end, still works great. Different length screws, different height screws you can clamp down just about anything. I bought some 3 1/2" 1/4-20 Buttton Head hexhead screws Button Head Screws and cut them off as needed for any job, pick your max length, angle grinder cutting and you will end up with a selection of different lengths to handle it all. BTW did I mention you’ll need 1/4-20 T Nuts for this.

I will take a pic and share it.

sorry I never received them or they went to spam. can you please send them again.

Here is the Drive link for the design file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12fT5dm5dPEsZINRmGKe91cSipwEJnMKO/view?usp=sharing

Gcode files:

Profile 1 hold down clamps.gcode (15.3 KB)

Profile 1 right angle clamps.gcode (39.5 KB)

Profile 2 Cam Locks.gcode (162.7 KB)

I hope the link works, enjoy.


Great looking clamps. I would like the files also. Thanks in advance. wilcoxx57@gmail.com

@Roy You will find the files in the post immediately preceding yours. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Grant, you’re always on-top of everything.

Awesome and better than other hold down methods by far. And it won’t break the bank! I would love the file too, please!

@Steph_B Welcome back to the group, Steph.

Bill posted the files in his post of July 7. You can scroll up to find it, then download the files from his links.

Have fun.