Help! I don’t know what I’m doing

@CluelessJoe heater??? :grinning: Good point, though, CJ.

I’m glad that you figured this all out. Now the real fun begins.

Thank you soo much @gwilki
I am now ready to bolt the sucker down and try a cut. Hopefully I will have no issues uploading some G-code

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I managed to to cut out a simple text! I am off to the races!


Hey Anicolao, I would really like to see the workflow you mentioned above. Thanks

@artisinwoodcraft Sorry it took me a while to see this, haven’t been active on the forums lately. I can definitely write it up oriented at someone trying to learn – is there a particular starter project you’d like to see documented? Maybe send me a PM so that we don’t hijack this thread.

I’m new here myself so please take what I say with a grain of salt. There is a wealth of knowledge on here and everyone is very willing to help so reach out. I didn’t for the longest time and I should have. I have already picked up several gems today from people. That said… please don’t judge me for this…lol… easel was a great start for me. It’s simple to use and it is a one stop shop for getting started. I’m already finding there are limitations but it’s allowed me to start ro understand the lingo and my machine better. I’m sure there are much better suggestions out there but for me easel was a way to dip my toes and test the water without drowning. Best feeling is that first finished piece that actually resembles what you planned. Doesn’t matter how simple the design is. I’ve found the more I make the more confident I’m getting and I’m starting to be able to ask specific questions vs broad ones. Just my two cents