Help one of my y axis motor making a strange noise

so i have only cut a few projects on my longmill v2 30x30 and on the right right side of my machine y axis i keep gets almost like a clunking sound from the 1 side i am not sure what is or why it is doing it i have not noticed it before until today if anyone have any suggestions im sure the motor cant be shot already machine is only only a few weeks old. strange part is it is a feed 10 or lower i only here it if im traveling 1 inch or so about 3 times if the feed is higher then 10 i am hearing it regularly. i have double checked the coupler in the back seems tight still. I am open to suggestions please.

after i just check the noise is defiantly coming from the 1 y-axis motor could the bearing inside be burnt out after 2 projects of mdf already? or possible just a lemon of a motor not sure.

You might try running the Y axis all the way back until both sides hit the ends to make sure that they are both aligned correctly. If they aren’t there could be binding. Also try turning both Y lead screws by hand, with the machine off, to see if one side is harder to turn. Check, the adjustment of the anti back lash devices. Lastly, or maybe firstly, make sure the cable for the stepper motor is plugged in completely on both ends.

Ok thanks paul i will go through that i did just do s re alignment a few minutes ago cuz i thought it was possible that it could be binding and making more force on the 1 side but still making the noise after alignment i will check the cables and the black lash i have the screws on both not very tight maybe i should tighten them not to sure

On the back lash screws, they shouldn’t be very tight at all. Tighten them just enough so that you can’t move the axis bracket they are attached to back and forth on the lead screw. In other words take out any slop.

Ya so ive checked all the wires and i backed the set screw on the backlash derlin nuts like right off it was like snug even hand tight before. Still the motor is making the sound but like i said only makes the sound on feeds above 10ipm

I just turned both of the lead screws and they both seem the same pretty easy to turn. I can’t figure this one checked alignment backed of backlash checked coupling is tight checked lead screw checked wires. Anything above 10ipm motor making a clunking grinding sound. I’m open to more suggestions. Thanks for all the help paul!

Can you isolate the sound some? Is is coming from the stepper motor end, the rolling bracket/back lash area or from the front bearing area? Is there any debris on the lead screw and rails of the noisy side? I have to say I’ve made quite a bit of sawdust and haven’t had any noticeable issues, although I do blow off the lead screws and wipe down the rails once in a while. One other thing I can think of is the tension on the lead screws. Could the noisy y axis lead screw be too loose? From what I understand, if it is, the lead screw could start flexing/vibrating. There needs to be some tension to keep the lead screw straight.

I have isolated the sound by the stepper motor end. I think the lead screw is tight against the couple but i will check it again.

Another thought. I was reading another thread earlier and the person had put the flanged bearings in backwards. The flanges should go on the outside of the supports.

So the flange bearings i just checked good idea unfortunately they are in the correct way. Honestly im stumped

maybe a short video so folks could hear the noise might give someone an idea for next steps?

It wont let me post an mp4 file

try this link

Well, you must have a V2. My V1 doesn’t have that kind of coupling. Your coupling is what I know as a Lovejoy coupling. It has two metal halves with a rubber spacer in between. The sound, to me, sounds like rubber squeaking. I"m guessing it is just the rubber spacer rubbing against one, or both, of the metal halves. Maybe dust got in there? You could try blowing it out. You should check to make sure the stepper motor is in line with the lead screw just to be safe. I expect it is, but a coupling halves a little cocked could lead to squeaking. Maybe the stepper motor mounting screws are loose? If everything is good, I think It’s OK to use squeak and all.

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Ill blow out the coupler and all the screw for the motor mount are tightened. I will check to make sure everything is in line just to be on the safe side. I just thought it was strange coming from the 1 side. I greatly appreciate the help you have provided to me. Much appreciated.

Tristan, I think Paul may have it. LoveJoy couplings are usually used in high-speed applications, and they can be ‘squeaky’. Try lubricating both sides between the rubber and the coupling with a toothpick and a very small amount of Vaseline so you don’t create places that grab sawdust.

I lubricated it and ran a part. After running the part i couldnt hear the noise so maybe the lub was all it needed. I will report back when i fire up my machine again to see if its gone.