Help with Gsender /VCarve

I am having issues with Gsender or VCarve , not sure which one . When I create a project on Vcarve. For some reason It gets cut backwards . To prevent this from happening , we cut a sports team logo but had to mirror it on VCarve so the words will get cut out correctly.

What am I doing wrong ? I never had this issue before ?

Does the machine still jog in the correct directions? I ask because the only thing I can think of is a flipped axis in the firmware and that would affect the jogging directions as well.

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The machine still joggs in the correct directions .

I’m at a loss on this one, if no one else chimes in I would try calling Sienci support. I’ve never had to call but I have read on here that they are really good.

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Have tried another gcode sender? Another cam software?

I’m having the same issue. (Vcarce desktop / GSender)
X - moves it right
X + moves it left
Y + moves it back
Y - moves it forward

Everything I’ve carved has been reversed. I’ve been doing the same thing; mirroring it in VCarve.

Have been using gsender since v1 something. Something else is jacked up. What if I sent a basic file for a test run? pick a word and I’ll send the vcarve.

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@JWedel91 Are you saying that the machine jogs the wrong way on the X axis? If so you need to flip the axis in gSender’s firmware tool. It’s setting 3, “Step Direction Invert”.

The other issue that could cause this if if your Post Processor in Vectric is inverting the axis during calculation/output. If you preview the gcode with NCViewer or Camotics, is it inverted?

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Where do I change that at?

@_Michael OK, in G-sender, under the console tab, it says:

$2=0 “Step pulse invert, mask”
$3=0 “Step direction invert, mask”
$4=1 “Invert step enable pin, boolean”
$5=0 “Invert limit pins, boolean”
$6=0 “Invert probe pin, boolean”

I opened the NCViewer and any file I open is a bunch of random squiggles that don’t look anything like my Vcarve file.

Change this to $3=1 that will invert your X while leaving the Y and Z the same.

Can you post a file here?

Ok. Looks like I got it flipped back. @_Michael was right. I changed the Firmware settings and it appears to work now. Thank You!!!

Glad you got it sorted Jeremy.

Sweet! NO hammer required!