Help with limit switch

Hi i got a 48x30 longmill
U got limit switches but i cant seem to understand the last one at the back left side of machine . How to install it and gsender does reconise it

Morning Ken. the complete mechanical installation and software instructions for these switches are here Limit Switches ⛔ - LongMill MK2 CNC

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Thanks i fallow instructions but this last one if i connect the way in instructions
At the far left and go to gsender and try to calibrate the switch with soft limits machine stops way to early . Way before it gets to limit S. I use candle for my other cnc gsender i found not stable but they say its been upgraded. In setings i out in 48x30 this doesnt do anything machine still doesnt know its limits . I havent tried candle or other software just gsender
But no go . Its hard to explain.

Did you receive these limit switches?

if the limit switch light goes on its triggered. Check to see when it stops early if the light is on. Also make sure you size settings are correct in firmware.

Yes i will look to see if light goes on im not sure in firmware the location of size setings

Here are the pages with the firmware settings, you should read and understand the pages before you make any changes. watch the video!

$130, $131 and $132 is what you are looking for. These are machine sizes for x,y,z