Hold Down Tip - Contact Cement instead of Super Glue

I haven’t seen this suggestion anywhere in all of my clamp and hold down research and trials.

I have really started to rely on the superglue/paint method, but the tiny tubes of super glue are super expensive.

I work in cabinetmaking so I have pretty consistent access to contact cement, but I think you can get a pretty big tub of it at hardware stores for under $50. I favour 3M’s water based contact cement. I still apply painters tape to my mating surfaces, roll or paint the cement on the taped surfaces only (important), wait for both sides to fully dry, and stick them together. It is essentially the same as the super glue method (a little messier if you’re not careful) but MUCH cheaper. I have now cut some fairly aggressive programs without any parts shifting at all. I’m super happy with the results and versatility. I am surprised I haven’t come across this alternative anywhere.

And if you do accidentally get some contact cement on an unintended surface, and/or have an issue with part removal, acetone or mineral spirits will dissolve the glue bond.

Hope this is helpful!



I buy cyanoacrylate from hobby stores in decent sized small bottles - lasts quite awhile and you can choose from various viscosities.


I too use contact cement. I put wide blue painter’s tape on the bottom of my workpiece and also on an ‘oversized’ scrap piece of 1/4" MDF. I then clamp the MDF to my bed . This makes all my clamps below to top of my work surface.