Homing keeps trying to drive the bit into waste board

As soon as i hit homeing, it drives the it right into the wasteboard and i have to hit estop. not sure what i have to do

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I would look at $23 in the firmware settings. You can reverse the homing directions with that setting. It uses a bitmask and is easiest to set using the firmware section in gSender.

Edit: You did not say what machine you have but I’ll assume a LongMill with the Inductive Sensors. If that is the case you will also want to have $21 Hard limits enable to enabled. Also set $20 Soft limits enable to enabled. Then you have to set $130, $131 and $132 to the size of your machine. After that is done and homing is in the right directions the switch will stop you hitting on the switch side and the soft limit, which uses $130-$132, will stop you hitting at the end without the switch.

something has to be off because even when I try using the touch plate, it goes up instead of going down to touch the plate long mill mk2 48x30

Does the machine jog in the right direction? It could be that you need to flip the axis in $3 step direction invert.

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ok great You have it figured out. It homed perfectly. now i have a issue with the touch plate. I hold it for calibration and it pulls hard to the left after the z calibration pulling it right out my hand

Which touch plate do you have? And have you selected the correct one in gSender? That is under Settings, the cog wheel, in the probe section you might have to select Auto Zero Touch plate if that’s the one you have.

You are a life saver. Thank you so much. I knew it had to be something simple , I was afraid to just start changing everything.

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You are most welcome, glad I could help. Oh and by the way welcome to the group!

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