Homing problems

I have turned homing on. I’ve turned on soft and hard limits. My limit switches are plugged in and working (they light up, and will stop travel if triggered). But when I first open gSender, the z-axis slowly raises, does NOT stop when the switch is triggered, and the motor sounds like it’s in pain for several seconds until it finally stops and throws an alarm (9 I think) and then homing stops. X and Y never home. What am I missing/doing wrong?

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I had this exact problem recently and this was my problem.

Okay, are you ready for this??? The Z axis backlash nut had unscrewed itself to the point that it was engaging with the locking hex nut at the base of the Z axis motor and preventing it from going all the way up and triggering the sensor.

I hope this helps. I ended up getting the new spring loaded back lash nuts, but haven’t installed them yet. This will prevent this from happening again.