How do I zero with a round blank?

Hello! My local big box store had these 10” round, 5/8” blanks for .99 cents each, so I bought a few for some signs and I may make a clock for my lovely wife. My question for the group is how do I use my auto touch plate on a round blank? The design was easy to do, which is a good thing. Thanks!

@Jake I have a feeling that I am missing your point.
You set your material size in VCarve to whatever you like - say 12 x 12. You set xy0 in material setup to the centre of the material. You draw a 10" circle and centre it. You create your project with in the circle.
In gSender you set XY0 to the centre of your blank and carve away.
What am I missing? :grinning:


Set up a fence on the X and Y axis, then set xy0 to the intersection of the fences. Put your round stock so it touches both fences. Then move your x and y to the radius of the circle. This should be centered on the round stock. Then reset your xy0.

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Don’t…just mark the center, and use a v-bit for precise location. You can use the probe for Z.

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You just answered my question. Don’t use the left corner (cause there isn’t a corner). Set the X and y at the center of the piece. Use the touch plate for the thickness and carve. Or did I just simplify this too much? Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help!

Thanks Grant, I got the design down pat, it was setting X and y axis which had me stumped. I made a circle that was 10” across and designed off that in the software. As always I appreciate you @gwilki

@Jake Good stuff, Jake. I thought that I was missing something. You are not over simplifying this. It is really that simple. :grinning:

FWIW, if the final toolpath in a project is a profile toolpath to cut the project out of the material, I use the centre for XY0 more often than not. I use the touch plate only for Z0.

Have fun. Be sure to show your round projects.

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This is a piece for a friends “gun room” that he sent me a pic of. Considering it was pine, I don’t think it turned out too badly. I should have switched bits after carving the pistol. I used a 30 degree Vbit for the entire carve, and should have switched bits for the words. Hey, it was still a fun project. Not quite to the level of things others are doing here, but that is fine too.