How to approach this design

My customer wants this logo on a clock and I am struggling to see how I can do this efficiently. Hate to let her down. She wants 30 of these. Roughly 16” in diameter. Her budget is probably about $75-$100 for each. I dont make profit from her since I like to support the organization. She wants it in color as this image shows. (3-4 different purples, blue and white).

Initially we were thinking epoxy resin but that doesnt seem feasible due to all the colors and their relation to each other and the curing time of each. Maybe a 3d layered plywood and painted?

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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I would try using something like King ColorCore®. They might have a color that almost matches your dominant color, and then you fill in the rest with the secondary color(s) with paint.

The dominant color would be the “outside” color that you cut through to get to the underlying color which I always see is white.

Then you paint your other colors onto the engraved lettering. You may even have to resort to making different colored inset pieces. :grimacing:

I would have to talk them into simplifying the project or get them to go to a local print shop for an overlay that you could just glue onto a base.

PS. Run from this project if you have to paint that many colors. Run, don’t walk.

Thanks for the sanity check! I was going cross eyed thinking how to tackle this.

Very cool project! I’m not at my design computer rather on my tablet. Have you Imported the image to ensure the quality of the image is decent enough? That would be my first suggestion., I have a customer who wants his logo carved with his name. It took three tries, but I got the highest resolution image possible and imported it to my VCarve Pro and finally got it clean enough to carve.

Personally, if it was my project, I would play with it and see what it looks like. I prefer carving with my v bits and using acrylic hobby paints for color. Follow up with some clear water based poly and there you have it. I did see whey wanted it to be a clock. Maybe hash morals, but in my opinion, it would be too busy with numbers. Maybe have some fun and paint the hands with a bright contrasting color to have them stick out. C

Anyhow please post your progress on this project. Hi, I’m Jake and I enjoy my Sienci Labs LongMill!

A couple of approaches come to mind:

  1. Use two colors of epoxy: Blue and Purple. Use enough pigment in each to make it translucent. Then you can control the color intensity with the depth of cut. You would probably need to experiment a bit with fill and cut depth to get the effects you want. This won’t change the color hue, but it would give you different intensities.

  2. Set up a separate NC file for each color you want to use. Mill out one color, then paint the whole surface. Allow to dry, and apply masking to the whole surface. Mill out the next color and paint, dry, mask again. After you get all the colors applied, remove all the masking and sand the surface until you get down to bare wood in all the white areas, and the paint remains crisply defined in the pockets. You can apply whatever stain/varnish you want to the exposed wood, and the painted surfaces should not be affected much.

Neither one sounds easy to me. But it can be done.


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I know this is a CNC forum, but some things are not meant to be done with a CNC. I mean you could do a custom, several part inlay, but not for that price.
I’d look at maybe getting a high resolution version of the logo printed on PVC and then cut them out. Or you might look at having vinyl floor decals printed, affixing them to wood discs, and then coating with clear epoxy.

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Great suggestions and advice from everyone. Thank you! I will be pushing this project off.

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