How to Mount machine and t-track/spoil-board Square

I’ve got a Chicken vs Egg situation that I’m sure many of you seasoned pro’s know the answer to. I’m mounting my y-axis legs on top of 5” wide strips of 3/4” MDF that will be the same height as my spoil board (strips of MDF with t-tracks running in between). Where I’m getting stuck is that I know I need to square my machine first and then follow up with adding in the spoil board/t-tracks, BUT the machine is first being mounted to the 5” MDF strips on each end that subsequently need to be squared to the machine AFTER it has been squared up. How do you go about this order of operations when you’re squaring separate systems that rely on each other, but have no initial reference point.

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Hello @Tpoole1988 While it has been a while (got my MK2 when they first came out almost 2 years ago now), from what I recall, I went ahead and secured my MDF along with my T-tracks before squaring the LongMill to the top. I do remember that squaring it was not the most pleasurable thing I did in the construction. In fact, I had to walk away a couple of times. After 2 sessions, I got it dialed in, secured it to the MDF and haven’t looked back! I, too, mounted the LM to MDF the same height as the spoil board. Don’t forget to surface your spoiler board once you get things all dialed in. In fact, I should consider doing it again. Hope this helps and we can’t wait to see what you will be creating with your new CNC!

First, you aren’t showing us “MDF” strips. That looks like “particle board.” Your table top looks like MDF.

Second, why not just square your strip / t-track assembly with the front edge of the table?

Third, I don’t see an advantage to “squaring” the machine to the t-tracks. Why are you concerned with doing that?

I’d just locate the front edge of the machine equidistant from the same front edge of the table you used to square your strip / t-track assembly. Then piddle around with the machine’s squareness until you get it “perfect!” :smiley:

It might help to treat the MDF under the y-axis independent of the actual spoil board. I found it helpful to mount the machine on the feet under the y-axis then do my squaring using the tools found in g-sender then once the machine was square use a tapered ball nose bit to locate the limits of the machine travel and define where I wanted the spoil board to be.

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First: It doesn’t matter what material their strips are made of, so why bring up that point?

Second: Regarding squaring the strip/t-track assembly with the front edge of the table, that’s not reasonable, as who’s to say if the Y rails are perpendicular to the front?

Third: They may want to use the strips as references for placement of workpieces.

That all having been stated, your suggestion would probably work.

Just my two-bits.

Marty from Kingston, ON, Canada

Wow @ApexWoodworks , unlike @CrookedWoodTex , everything you had to say was not condescending down-talk disguised as advice. Appreciate the feedback.

You’re welcome. Sorry to be a bother.

@Tpoole1988 I believe that you have all you need, to get your table set up as you want it, Tanner. Given the tone this topic is starting to take, I am closing it.