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Hi. I entered the CNC world in January of 23 with a DIY machine . Experimented with different control software, UGS, OpenBuilds, and gSender. Quickly fell in love with gSender and it has become my go-to controller. (although OpenBuilds is a bit easier to calibrate my machine). I kept all three on my computer and opened OpenBuilds recently. Big mistake. It immediately downloaded and installed an update. Now gSender will not connect with my machine. My question (finally): how do I undo the changes this “update” has made. I’m guessing it was a firmware change. FYI, my machine is an arduino based machine.

@tim I’m assuming that, even though you have a DIY machine, you are using the Long Mill controller. Or, if not, you used gSender to flash the Uno in your controller. If I am wrong on both those assumptions, please describe your equipment in more detail.

I’m also assuming that your OS can see the Uno as a com port. Yes?

Now that I’ve very likely made an ass of myself (as the saying goes) with all these assumptions, since gSender will not connect, you obviously cannot flash the Uno from gSender. As long as your PC can see the Uno, you can use the Arduino IDE to flash the board. The instructions for doing so are here:

Again, if any or all of my assumptions are wrong, the group will need more information before they can offer up good advice.

Hi, thanks for your quick response. Original flashing was done with the arduino IDE. Are you suggesting that all I need to do is run the IDE again as if I was connecting computer to machine for the first time? Really, nothing ever seems that simple for me. I’ll try flashing with gSender first, the com port is listed but grayed out, hence no connection. If that doesn’t work I’ll fire up my saved step by step YouTube videos for Arduino IDE and give that a try. If/when I get this straightened out I’ll be deleting OpenBuilds and UGS.
Thanks again

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@tim Yes, that’s what I am suggesting. Since you said that gSender would not connect, that indicates that you cannot use gSender to flash the board.

When running the Arduino IDE, be sure to follow the steps set out in the link that I provided - including the very important one to clear the board of the old eeprom on it.

Thanks for the heads up. Might not get to it till this weekend. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for your help (re)flashing my arduino. Flashed it using gSender but used the OpenBuilds setting. gSender is able to connect and jog my machine once again.
New problem. My Z-limit switch is not working. X and Y limit switches are working properly. Homing and Hard limits are enabled, soft limits are not, in settings. I had this problem when I first built my machine but found a video that explained the problem. The Z-limit pin - D11 - and the spindle enable pin - D12 - were switched. I went through the same process to disable the pin switch (added 2 forward slashes //) but this time it didn’t fix the problem. Z-limit switch doesn’t stop the machine. Should I go back and use longmill setting? Could you walk me through the process of making sure the config file is actually sent to the arduino? I’ve updated gSender to version 1.9
Thanks in advance

@tim I can’t help you with limit switches. I don’t have them and have no plans to get them.

As for flashing the eeprom, since you don’t have a Long Mill I can’t really advise you to flash the LongMill eeprom onto your controller. Before openbuilds did the update that started this problem, what were you running? I would suggest that if the current version is not working for you, go back to whatever that was. If you want to flash it with the LongMill eeprom settings, you can find the step by step to do that here

You need to scroll down quite a ways.

I’m confused by your reference to gSender 1.9. To my knowledge, that does not exist. The most recent version of gSender is 1.2.0, which was just released. Before that, the most recent was 1.1.7. Edge is 1.2.5.

Wow…that was a fast response, thanks. In the gSender firmware page I can pick between different configurations. I only chose Openbuilds because I recognized the name and my machines capacity is only 20”x 20” and the OpenBuilds setting didn’t specify a size. That’s what I was using before things went south. I’ll reset the arduino and give the long Mill flash a try.
I just updated gSender today and probably miss read the version listed, sorry.
You said that you didn’t use limit switches, how do you “home” your machine or don’t you? Please keep in mind that I am a complete novice. I’ve assumed that homing is crucial. You’ve got me thinking I’m mistaken.
Although, because my machine has a wooden frame, I’ll feel safer with limits on all three axis. The power of these little motors is very surprising.
Is there anyone there that might have any ideas on getting my z stop back?
Thanks again for you help.

@tim First, to repeat, I am not suggesting that you flash your controller to the Long Mill settings. If you had settings that worked, then failed, I would suggest going back to what worked.

WRT limit switches, I mentioned them only within the context that I cannot help you with any issues that you have with them. I bought my Long Mill before gSender and the Sienci limit switches were available. I developed a process for completing my projects in that environment. When gSender came out, I switched from UGS to gS and never looked back. I did that because I was looking for improvements and additional features and gS offered both.
When Sienci came out with the limit switch kit, I did not buy them, as I was not looking for improvements in that area of my experience.
In response to your direct question, since I don’t have limit/homing switches, I cannot “home” my machine. So far, I have seen no need to. That could change, of course. However, so far I have not seen any occasions where they would have improved on my experience. So, within the context of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and using the KISS principle, I’ll continue to do without them. You should not base your decision on anything that I have said though. Many, many experience Long Mill users swear by them.

Hi. I’m back up and running. Uninstalled and re-installed Arduino, (not the latest version) grbl (also not the latest version) and newest gSender. Flashed it using the OpenBuilds settings. Looked up a pin map of my Arduino board and moved my z-stop from pin D11 to D12 (I think that’s what did it). Spent the rest of the day re-calibrating and re-setting keyboard shortcuts.
I like the homing stops so I can check for square. I’ve learned that home made tools need to be tuned in often.
Thanks again for your time and thoughts.

@tim I’m glad that you are back in business, Tim. I’m closing this thread. Don’t hesitate to start a new thread if new issues arise.