Hybrid laser/router projects

Hi @StephenCampbell,

This has been working really well for me!!! Much appreciated.

Does it function well with Lasers? I do not want to buy the laser module with VCarve but have been doing some reading about setting up the laser using an endmill tool for certain toolpaths. I was hoping to use the same concept of running the laser toolpath on my MK2 and then having a pause and a change tool command to then run the carving tools.

Do you have any knowledge of lasers with this post and VCarve. Will the speeds and power be defined properly? Is it even possible to do?


Hey @Phildo,

Great news! Glad you are having success.

l don’t have any Laser experience yet, but chatting with some of the engineering team, they don’t recommend doing this. Maybe someone with more chops can help answer this question, but I’d keep these tools separate.

You may want to investigate Lightburn as an alternative to the Vectric laser add on. You can see the community chatting about them both in this thread.


@Phildo @StephenCampbell I know absolutely nothing about the new post that @StephenCampbell wrote. I can tell you that I run “hybrid” projects in vcarve where I do a router carve, then a laser burn. I don’t use the Vectric laser module. I use the Jtech post processor in VCarvePro. I created a vbit and an end mill in my tool database for my laser and I simply run the vcarve toolpath or profile toolpath using those tools.

To be clear, I am not running a cutting tool and the laser with a pause to change tools in the same toolpath.

Thanks to both of you @StephenCampbell @gwilki for your comments. Is it possible to share your settings for the endmill setup for the laser? I have lightburn but prefer vcarve for designing. I dont cut with the laser just outlines and fills


@Phildo I don’t mind sharing, but I am not using the Sienci laser. If you are, my settings will not work for you. I can give you the general idea if that will help.


That would help tremendously!!

And if anyone else has done this procedure using the Sienci Laser and would be willing to share settings or point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated


@Phildo Here are two screenshots of my “fake” tools - one end mill and one vbit.

Re: the end mill. The diameter of .005 is the spot size of my laser using the 3 element lens. I suspect that yours will be similar, but Sienci will have those specs. Speed = power. I don’t the use the $30=255 setting recommended by Ikenna. I use 1000 recommended by Lightburn. That way, setting to fractions of full power is very simple. In the laser_end mill attachment, the speed is shown as 500. That is 50% power. It’s simply easier for me to remember that than 127.5 (255 *50%) is. I change that according to the material I am going burn. Similarly, the feed rate of 1000 mm/min varies according to the material. I keep logs of what works so that I can repeat it.

re: the vbit. This one is simpler in that the size is not related to the dot size. Since I am faking an vbit, I just chose my most-used vbit- 60°. Again, feeds and speeds are adusted according to the material.

I use the Jtech post processor for laser toolpaths. I tried the Vectric Laser Module and found it lacking for the price. I’m attaching it. Just change the file extension to .pp from .txt if you choose to install it in VCarve. There is no magic to it. In short, it takes the grbl mm post and takes out all Z moves.

J_Tech_GRBL_MM_NoZ_DynamicLaser_v1_6.txt (4.6 KB)

I use Lightburn, too. The beauty of using VCarve for these projects is that I set xy0 for the router toolpaths. Then I mount the laser unit, use a macro to move the laser to the same xy0 location and run the laser toolpath(s).

This thread has gotten quiten quite a bit off topic. I’ll likely try to split out the laser parts and move them as they have nothing to do with the SLB.

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I’m do the same as gwilki.
Works great from Vectric and with gSender being able to switch from X0 Y0 for the router to X0 and Y0 for the laser offset, its a no brainer when enhancing router projects
The jTech post Processor is the way to go.
I haven’t ventured into Lightburn yet. I use Lasergrbl if I want a stand alone laser burn.