I'm using Carbide Create v6 and had an issue with changing a tool

I created a job for an advanced vcarve in Carbide Create v6. the first operation in the advanced Vcarve is to use a 1/8th EM to clear out some material and then change over to the 60 deg v bit for the detail. GSender recognized the pause for me to change bits. I raised the router to access the bit, powered off the router and changed to the 60 deg V. I was about to set the new zero on my Z axis bit GSender would not allow me to jog the machine at all. The only option I had was a resume to job which I knew wasn’t right.

What did I do wrong?


I’m having the same issues. Not sure on what the solution might be but I just want to follow this post. What I have done as a solution is to stop the job, change the tool, then “start from line” to restart with the new tool. Not ideal but it works.

If you want the M6 toolchange command, you’ll need to set the post processor to Shapeoko with bitsetter or something like that. Otherwise, you just get an M0 pause on toolchange.

Another way, is to break the advanced v carve gcode down into 2 separate files. The first Tool or part of the gcode will be your Pocket Tool. The Second your VBit. Open you gcode in note pad and open a second note pad to copy into. You want to find the change so you can Ctrl-F M0 and go until you get to a section like this.

M0 ;T10

Copy everything under the (Advanced…) into the second notepad you have open. Then Delete it from the original notepad. At the top of the new notepad you can add any of Your header GCODE such as G90 G21… (You can copy anything above the first (Advanced…)) Save your GCODE for your first tool. Then save the second notepad ad_vbit_second.nc (You can name it what every you want, just make sure to type in the .nc)

If you want your Pocket tool to go back to job 0,0 then after the last Z add X0.00 Y0.00

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I’m running into a similar issue and trying to find the easiest solution. I use carbide create, and am learning Fusion too. I ran a project last night (from carbide) that needed a tool change. Whatever reason I had to stop the program while it was awaiting tool change, since I couldn’t jog to actually get the bit out. Unfortunately the program froze and I couldn’t jog after either, so I had to turn the controller off and on, losing my X and Y 0’s as well. Naturally I didn’t get XY0 perfect so the cut more or less failed. Just a test project anyways, so no big deal.

BUT, I want to get this figured out the best way. I know I could just run separate Gcode files for each tool change, but that seems unnecessary. I switched the program to Manual instead of ignore (why is ignore even an option?, let alone the default on install? I can see no reason anyone would ever want to ignore a tool change haha) Anyways, does someone have an example of Gcode that they use, using the “Code” option?

I don’t have a bitsetter yet, so I’ll have to be able to manually jog it back to the XY 0, then just set the Z 0 again. Ideally I would think I could do something like have the m6 command come in, then have it turn off the router, looks like that’s an M0. So:

M6 (tool change - I wouldn’t have to re-enter this in the code part though as it’s already happened, correct?)
M0 (stop - may not be needed since it’s likely part of the M6 command?)
X0 Y0. (move to the X and Y 0)

Then I have to be able to jog the Z and set 0. I’m guessing this still won’t allow me to do it since it’s still in the program, disabling the jog commands?

Then to restart just have the turn router on command? which should be an M3?

The other problem I see with this is that I won’t have enough room to change bits with it over the XY0 of the stock. I suppose I could tell it to go to like X500 and Y 200 so it’s further away from my bottom left corner and likely out of the way of the stock. But I’d still need to be able to manually jog during the pause. Is this even possible or is there a different work around? Other ideas? Thanks, all, this is my first post by the way!

You migt have alook here. I’ve been meaning to try this for some time now.


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Thanks for the response. I kind of understand what he is doing, but is doing it with a tool probe, which can be accomplished strictly through Gcode. I unfortunately don’t have one just yet, though will make one soon.

I’m trying to understand if it might be better to try an M0 in place of an M6, if that might let me jog and re-zero? Guess I’ll have to try it out

Andrew , he has an earlier version of this using M0 , however he talks of a problem with it.
To be honest i don’t know , Neil is in this thread , he likely will have an opinion on how bets to handle this.

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