I'm using Carbide Create v6 and had an issue with changing a tool

I created a job for an advanced vcarve in Carbide Create v6. the first operation in the advanced Vcarve is to use a 1/8th EM to clear out some material and then change over to the 60 deg v bit for the detail. GSender recognized the pause for me to change bits. I raised the router to access the bit, powered off the router and changed to the 60 deg V. I was about to set the new zero on my Z axis bit GSender would not allow me to jog the machine at all. The only option I had was a resume to job which I knew wasn’t right.

What did I do wrong?


I’m having the same issues. Not sure on what the solution might be but I just want to follow this post. What I have done as a solution is to stop the job, change the tool, then “start from line” to restart with the new tool. Not ideal but it works.

If you want the M6 toolchange command, you’ll need to set the post processor to Shapeoko with bitsetter or something like that. Otherwise, you just get an M0 pause on toolchange.