Inductive Sensor options

I did not like the idea of having a plug inside the track of the z axis. So I was planning on soldering the wires and since I was going to solder I just ordered some sensors off Amazon that looked like they would be the same. The smallest voltage I could find was 6v and I thought that would work. Well it doesn’t. Is there another plug on the mk2 board I can Rob some power from? What is the fan plug next to the sensor plug that is marked 12v go to?

Hello @Bell9440, and welcome to the group.

I’m not sure what you mean by this as the Sienci kit does not require soldering to my knowledge.
The wires are pretty long and if you did need to lengthen them because the control board is too far away the soldering should be outside the tracks. I’m assuming that by track you mean the cable chains but I could be wrong.

You can read about the LongBoard here. That plug is 12v 500mA auxiliary power. The problem I see with robbing power from another connector is that the sensors work by opening and closing a circuit, one for each sensor. If you got power from somewhere else the sensor may have enough power to function but would not be sensed by the LongBoard because the wrong circuit is be opened and closed.

I’m not an electrical expert but that’s my take on the situation.

I thought it said that if you had a 30 x 48 mk2 that you had to run an extension for the z axis. I did solder it inside the cable chain and used heat shrink. I tried this last night and it worked. The way i understand it the switch is making the connection from ground to the signal. So I left everything wired the way the instructions say, but ran the brown power wires to the 12v plug. it worked. Thanks for the link to the long board. That is what I was looking for. I wasn’t sure what the rating on the 12v aux was and if it had to be toggled on in the firmware.

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That may be true, I have an original 30x30 LongMill and sometimes forget that the 48x30 is a different beast!

Anyway I’m glad you got it working, like I said I’m not an electrician so I didn’t think it would work that way but I’m fine with being proven wrong, it’s not the first time :grinning:

You are most welcome for any help I may have provided and welcome again to this fine group of people IMHO.