Info needed to make a Tilting CNC table

Iโ€™m getting my Longmill 36x36 later this week and have gotten some inspiration to build a tilting table from the Longmill facebook group. In order to tilt the table and make it some what balanced along the y axis I need to know two things.

  1. When the longmill is stowed does it automatically move to the back of the table. If not can you move it manually and by that I mean via the controller, to any point you want.
  2. Anybody know approximately how much the gantry and router weigh. I need to find the pivot point on the tilting table and that info would be helpful.

@timjet In reply to your first question, the LM does not automatically move to the back of the table. You can jog it there using the GUI jog buttons.

There are Youtube videos on the Sienci Labs channel showing vertical table setups for the LM. Search on this forum and you will find discussions on other membersโ€™ vertical setups.