Installed New Controller

All went well installing my new Controller Board, flashed the GRBL firmware as directed on the Sienci Web Page. All went well, Z and X were reversed, look at the slider switches in G Sender to correct that. All in all I learned a bunch about how this machine works.

Thanks to all that helped me on this journey.

@Bill After all you have been through, Bill, it’s good to see that you are back up and running.

OK, for me it’s been a learning experience. I tend to always go to the “What did I do now” place and that just isn’t true from this experience. The driver for the X Axis some how got screwed up, to the point the machine became worthless.

Folks that are struggling with the wheel adjustment here is my humble advice, screw the top wheel for adjusting tension adjust from the bottom wheels, the top wheels are carrying the weight of the gantry’s so lifting up actually makes no sense to adjust wheel tension, from now on for me I will only check the tension on the bottom wheels.

When I installed the firmware, really simple with G Sender 2 of 3 axis’s where reversed, look at the slider switches to correct that any which way you desire.

New Carve Today:

@Bill On the Mk1 at least, the only adjustable wheels are the top wheels. They are the only ones with the eccentric nuts. I’m certainly open to advice on how you adjust the bottom ones, but on mine, I cannot.

I don’t adjust the bottoms, i adjust the tops but use the bottoms for the proper resistance, the gantry’s have the gravity on the top wheels, i used to lift the gantry’s to adjust the resistance on the top wheels, which makes no sense, adjust the tops but achive the right resistance on the bottoms, hope that claifies what i do.

Hopefully that’s that! Good luck Bill - let us know how it goes over time.

@W.g well I did gain another Arduino Uno in the process.

Don’t know why they ship a kill switch, they also included a new USB Cable that appears more stout than the original, I’ll change the USB but leave the kill switch…