Interrupted project reset

I lost connection. I had to reset myprobe and started again making an array of wheels and axle holes. The axle holes were done and after the interruption the wheels were no longer centered around the axle. Do I have to start over or can it be corrected? I had 50 done but still have 200 + to make!?

@JAC If you re-set your XY0 to the same position, the wheels should be centred around the axle holes. You have not said what CAM program you are using. In VCarve, for example, it would be a simple matter to create a toolpath of only the wheels, set XY0 to the same place as the original toolpath, set XY0 to the same location in gSender and run the new toolpath.

V carve and I will try the new tool path. I haven’t moved the board so I should be able to rezero at the same place. Tried rezeroing without a new tool path but the results were of by a 1/16 this out of round on the axle.