IOT Relay Activation

I Just added an IOT Relay to the Long Mill to turn on the router when I activate a job. Is there a code or command I need to put into the UGS Software to get the relay to activate when I start a print job? I have the IOT relay plugged into the Coolant and ground on the controller.

I believe M7/M8 at the start to turn on the coolant and M9 at the end to turn it off. You can always test it using the UGS command line. Just key in M7 and hit enter to see if it turns on the router. If it works don’t forget to test turn off with m9 (or the power switch).

@clark77494 I believe that Heyward is right, Kent. I looked into doing this, but never got around to it. Would you please post a link to the relay that you are using? Please post your results, too.

I believe that there is a function in UGS that will have it add the M7 and M8 commands to every toolpath you send it, but I can’t seem to find it this morning.

Hooked up my IoT Power Bar and edited my header and footer in the GRBL mm post processor in VCarve desktop and it actually works. Using the two normally off outlets, I now have my shop vac and Makita router connected to them. Initially tried M7 but that didn’t work so used M8 to turn on and M9 to turn off.
Connected the Power bar to the coolant port on the Longboard controller, and used this IoT power bar


Good to hear. I just ordered the same. I was a little concerned it wouldn’t be able to handle both the router and Vac.