Is it really worth the aggravation

I don’t know anymore

Yes, it is . . . . . .

Hey dude don’t get me wrong I’m just trying to open up the other side of conversation here I’m curious of hearing people’s frustrations I’ve been doing it for a year now not a cheap Hobby LOL made a few bucks but it’s not hope out weighing the cost that’s why we call it a hobby I guess I don’t play with it cutting MDF all today I want to hear people’s frustrations of screwing up a $40 piece of mahogany LOL

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During the build… NO. After the build… Hell YES!

I’m in the middle of a big Walnut vCarve inlay cutting board/turntable for a gift to a friend and I’ve had my machine stop twice. Finding exact starting location even with reference marks isn’t that much fun on a circle.

My middle reference mark was removed with the design of the inlay so I have two others on the outside of a circle that I’m using. I know when I’m finished it will be a very nice piece that most people can’t touch.

I guess I just love making things and knowing those people that I give them to love the craftsmanship, and know it’s one of a kind. I think the smart part on my behalf is that I’ve not tried to make money at this or I’m sure I’d have sucked all the fun out of it.

Keep up the fight Rob1, it always pays off in the end. Oh I hear you on the frustrations at times, just try and not let them in for long.

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This should cheer you up. It decided to cut the corner off on the last pass. :crazy_face:

I also am finding it hard to make money. Poeple want everything for cheap. And don’t understand the time that goes into making these projects.


@Nic OUCH, Nic! :frowning_face:

Yeah. Just one of a few issues I had with this project. I’m working on fixing the corner tho.

Oops I guess I just sent you an email there Nic… yeah sorry to see that but you obviously have the skills to repair it the frustrating part I’m finding is I’ve purchased some 3D STL files online get them all set up and run them to find out the g code is screwed up I use vectric aspire and it doesn’t always seem to catch any issues so then you go to run just to find out you have a big problem I do a lot of Harley-Davidson signs it can get very frustrating.

That’s not limited to cncing its pretty much the norm across the board on anything hand made/manufactured! Keep at it, you’ll find your niche and from there its up to you.