Is the calibration off or is it GSender?

I try to run this program and over all it is a job d of 26x20x13/16" The fist two cut profiles are at 24x20 ( this is a picture frame so the middle is non existent) with a cut depth of 0.6" so the glass can be set in, so it runs a pass “on the line” and then “outside right” However, it comes up 1" short on the top, right and bottom sides of the picture frame and only runs one cut pass and it barley goes 0.1" deep. The next is for the backing board to go so that is at 25x19 and a depth of 0.55 same issue!

I attached a screenshot and a picture of where the CNC “thinks” it is at 24" but it really coming up 1 " short.

If anyone can help that would be greatly apricated! I can send the gcodes if needed

@TheTwoWoodsmen Welcome to the group, Joe.

Much of what I do on the Mill is picture frames, so I can sympathize with your problem. A few questions to start:

What CAD/CAM program are you using to create the tool paths?

What post processor are you using?

How are you setting XYZ0?

Are you having these issues with all your projects or just this one?

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I used VCarve Pro version 10.5 as the CAD/CAM I believe I selected the Shapeoko GCode Inch as the post processor - I was thinking about trying it using GRBL GCode

I zero at the bottom left edge where I have the datam set to. I zero the Z by touching it to the material and dragging a piece of paper under the endmill.

So far its just this one for major issues but I have small issues on everything for some reason. My machine is calibrated and square.

@TheTwoWoodsmen OK, first off, change your post processor in VC. You should be using either grbl inch or grbl mm, depending on how you are creating your files in VC.

If you want to post your .crv file, I can take a look to see if I can see anything obviously off with it. If not, no worries. You can see if changing the post helps.

Processing: 26x20 picture frame cut out for glass and backing.gcode…

I tried to post it, it says new uses aren’t allowed to though so I am not sure if it will go thru.

This is on the first pass - notice how gsender thinks its on pass 3 ? I ran this one using GRBL Inch for the post processor- same issues. My machine is 0.32mm with in square which is pretty square. Notice how the Dimensions are even wrong. It shows its 25x19 but the work piece is 26x20 and the cut areas are 24x18 and 24.5625x18.5625

@TheTwoWoodsmen I sent you a pm, Joe.