Issue connecting my machine

I assembled and hooked up my machine to my MacBook. I downloaded Gsender and connected to the machine.

When I jog, the software says the machine is moving but there is nothing happening. No response or sounds from the machine

Not sure if it is a Mac issue or a machine issue at this point; Gsender says the machine is connected and I reviewed all the settings in the documentation and made sure everything is right. all motors and wires are connected properly.



A long shot but did you twist the red E-Stop button to release it? This happened to me a few times in my first few days.


@EEISSA Welcome to the group Emad. You will find it a friendly place, full of very knowledgeable people willing to help.
That said, Iā€™m afraid that I cannot help with this one, as I know nothing about Macs.

Since it has been 3 days since you posted, have you found a solution?

@gwilki yes I did! After unplugging the emergency stop and plugging back into the controller it worked!