Issue with the Z axis

My issue is my z axis , when I try to raise it the first thing it wants to do is lurch down , then it will go up. The same thing going down, when I try to lower it it jumps up then goes down.I’ve been tinkering all morning. I’ve squared the machine perfectly, adjusted the v wheels, and made sure all of my anti backlash screws were backed off. I’ve taken care of mounting the controller and power supply and all of my cable management. The only thing I haven’t tried is the calibration option in gsender and I also have the sensor kit. Should I go ahead and install the limit switches before I do anything else? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Crazy sounds like you have a wierd problem. I would not install the limit switches yet, just introduces another variable. I have no idea what may be the cause, it may help if you can grab the gcode from the console when you hit the z up button.

I have not calibrated the machine yet. Do you think that may help?

Hi, I would start by checking your firmware tab at the top of gSender make sure it agrees with the model you have purchased.