Issues with workflow

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I am have problems with understanding work flow etc. I have spent a young persons life time on YouTube and here to get a handle on it.

My machine Long Mill 30X30

Trying to create the spoil board here: Spoilboard project - #8 by mikecmp

Ok, no weird noises anywhere from the machine, after getting a controller that would drive the x-axis properly it drives all axis smooth and silky (love the sound).

I jogged the machine to the top left corner since the instructions stated the start point. I used paper to adjust the bit height of the z-axis.
At this point should I reset Zero?

From carbide create I generate the g code, first bad sign is toolpath in Carbide have a strike through each task, Why or should I do something, missed some thing, will the g code not work.

Open UGS Platform, make sure everything is connected, open the file I saved, press the play button and nothing happens. I see HOLD on ugs.

I am just having issues with my 1, 2, 3 etc work flow actions.

I’m sure I am doing something wrong, if I need to post this somewhere else on the forum please advise me.

So my guess is this. The HOLD is normal. Carbide create generates tool change commands in the exported gcode. You can configure UGS to ignore, or just do what I do, and hit run a second time.

As far as the zero, in the file you created you will see the origin point. If using carbide create, you can click the settings gear and tell it where the origin is.

I believe UGS will show the origin when you load the file as well. I think it displays the machine at the origin. You will need to know where the origin is and set the machine to that prior to running the gcode. I generally pick top of material lower left of the project, which is the left of the machine closest to you.

The origin is relative to the project.

Hope that helps a bit!


Here is what happened when pressed play twice: first is screenshot of what I mentioned about strike through, second so thankful the machine did something.

Not exactly what I was hoping for but progress

Finished first job, didn’t know about

right click enable

Sorry if I’m behind the times but I’m just trying to learn. Anyway happy now