Jog presets and other issues 1.4.3

So my presets for jog are intermittently changing in gsender version 1.4.3. generally they change from the default preset to XY 5 Z 4 speed 3000 all in inches. I measured the actual moves to be Y 5" X 10" Z 4". They seem to change either at startup of gsender or if I go from normal jog to fast the back to normal. Has happened about 5 times in last 3 days may have happened more but I would not know unless I jogged the machine. A second issue that has arisen is changing workspaces. I was working in space P2 with a zero set, ran a pocket clearance file OK then went to run a final pass with v bit and router went to bottom left corner and started to run file, after stopping I found workspace had changed from P2 to P1.

Looks like you have two seperate things going on here:

  1. Jog presets reconverting - we’re looking at a fix for this to not release

  2. Workspace resetting on job completion. This is not a bug, it’s most likely you have a M2 or M30 at the end of your program which resets the board to default state, including workspaces. This is standard g-code behaviour. You can either remove the M2/M30 command or set up start/stop gcode blocks to restore the original workspace. You can find instructions on how to do that here: Problems / Bugs? - gSender Docs

More information on what M2 does here: M-Codes

Thanks Kevin I will look into that, But if that is the case why then has it never occured before? I often work with multiple work spaces and never experienced this.

So now my jog presets are consistently incorrect at start of gsender, they remain intermittent when switching between normal and fast.
For the workspace issue I do not have m2 or m30 in code, using vetric. I disabled limit switches.
New issues
I cannot use auto touch plate, it will either throw an error or run the sequence and instead of going to the corner of the workpiece stays inside the touchplate and z drives down onto plate.
Gsender program closing, happened 2x yesterday, both times not running a job but had a gcode file loaded was manually setting zero due to touchplate issue and program just closes.
I am not convinced that gsender is causing the issues it was working perfectly a week ago.

I reverted to 1.2.2 and all issues went away.