Jog Speeds in gSender

When setting jog speeds in Settings, Rapid and Normal always seem to move at the same rate, regardless of the input speed. Precise always seems to run at the selected level.

@Wills It works as advertised for me, Bill. Can you tell me what speeds you have normal and rapid set to?

Normal is 500, Rapid is 2000. Precise is 25. And I am using inches.

@Wills Bill: If you are using the default feed settings on your Mill, they are set to 157.5 in/min for X and Y and 118 in/min for Z.I don’t believe that setting the jog rate in gSender higher than those values will make it move faster. Since both your normal and rapid are significantly higher than that, they are moving at the same rate. You can see the settings here:

The settings that I’m talking about are $110, $111 and $112. I know that, very early on, there were posts from Andy about why they chose the X and Y values. They had something to do with the Mill losing steps when they were set higher. That said, I believe that some here have said that they set X and Y to 196 in/min.

I don’t know if that would be of any help to you, though, as you are looking for much higher than that. At 2000 in/min, a 30 x 30 Mill would go from left limit to right, or front to back in less than 1/2 second! That’s boogying. :grinning:


I didn’t think through how fast that was! I was just trying to get 3 different speeds. So, I’ll go in and change to those lower settings and see what happens. So far, I think gSender is most impressive!

You have to admit, though, Bill, that it would be a hoot to see that router go from all the way left to all the way right in half a second. Stopping it might be a problem, though. :grinning:

That would surely take out a limit switch, Big Time!!! BTW, are you planning to get the limit switches?