Jog suddenly stopped

my jog function suddenly stopped in both gsender and in Easel. It was working fine, everthing else seems normal. The machine is connecting , the mouse works, other programs work. I rebooted many time with the same results. I noted a error message stating com 3 and 4 were live, yet they never have connected. I use com 5 and always have. unfortunately my usb ports are limited. could it be some code I touched? this was so sudden I cant figure it out. Of course I only have four months on the cnc, so if you can offer some help or advise it sure would be great!

If you have Easel and gSender going at the same time, they may have issues connecting to the machine since they are both trying to access the same port. Restarting your computer and then only using one at a time may help. Easel sometimes changes the settings in the firmware without the permission of the user. If you can connect using gSender only and go into the firmware settings to reset your settings, that may also help.

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thanks so much! I closed Easel. but that didnt work, still both gsender and easel separatly wouldnt work. I try going into gsenders firmware and resetting that. Is that right? reset gsender firmware?

sorry easel firmware. Funny how they both stopped jogging at the same time! I didn’t really do anything, this has me stumped

Andy, darn, closed down everything, opened gsender, the machine connects but the jog function still wont work, closed gsender, went over to easel only to learn the jog function there was also disabled. Somebody out there must know the trick to solving this, for sure its operator error!

@Scottennis2 Just to re-iterate Andy’s advice, you want to re-flash the firmware using gSender.

Here are the instructions:

"Firmware Tool

Firmware is pre-installed into each Arduino on the LongBoard, along with the custom EEPROM settings, so typically users do not need to access the ‘Firmware’ tool at the top of the screen. However, if necessary, the ‘Firmware’ tool can be utilized to restore everything to factory settings or make other machine alterations. Once you press ‘Firmware’ a dialog box will open, showing the EEPROM settings that are on the Arduino.

To choose your machine profile, select your machine name from the drop down menu.
‘Flash GRBL’ will reset your firmware back to its default configuration
‘Restore Defaults’ will bring back your machine defaults in case they’ve somehow been altered or wiped"

Don’t forget the last step. Once you have done this, try jogging in gSender.

Grant, i cannot thank you enough for these clear instructions! I followed them to the letter, and now i am back in business learning the wonders of CNC wood craving! Thank you again for taking your time to helping a newbie along this path!

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@Scottennis2 I’m glad to hear it, Scott. To be clear and fair to @andy , though, the instructions were his/sienci’s. I just passed them along. I appreciate the thanks, though. :grinning:

I’ll close this thread. Have fun.