Jogging for the first time

finally!! I purchased a laptop that works!! I am jogging my machine for the first time and it seemed to kind of catch on the Y-2 and makes a grinding noise that sounds like a horn in the distance. I try to jog in back from the very front the Y-1 side moves but the y-2 side makes the noise. how do i fix this?

This is what Iā€™d recommend:

  1. check the tightness of the V rollers on the y-2 side.
  2. try turning the Y-1 and Y-2 lead screws by hand. Are they both easy to turn, taking a similar amount of force?
  3. run the unit all the way to the back so that both sides (y-1 and y-2) hit the end stops to make sure that they are properly aligned with each other.
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