Jogging issue with 1.4.5

I have encountered an issue with Gsender 1.4.5. I am running Gsender on a Dell M6800 with Windows 10 Pro. My machine is a Genmitsu ProverXL 4030 with GRBL 1.1 firmware.

At some point after loading the program and homing the machine, a jogging issue develops when using the stock keyboard shortcuts. When I use the keyboard to jog the machine, the movement increments will change arbitrarily. For example. When set to ‘Normal’ and 1mm XYZ increments, the machine will move in 2mm, 5mm, 25mm etc. increments. To be more precise, it will settle on some value other than what it should be and use that value for all axes. If I use the mouse to click the jog arrows, it will move as it should, in 1mm increments. I have not found what actually triggers this to occur. At this point it seems random. The only solution I have found is to close the program, re-load and re-home the machine.

I also encounter another issue with some regularity, but it is unpredictable. This issue also involves using the keyboard to job the machine. Frequently, when jogging the machine with one keypress, it will move the selected increment then move right back. For example, in Normal mode with increments of 1mm, if I press Shift + Left Arrow, it will move left 1mm then move right 1mm. It often does this several times before moving correctly.

Is this happening with all axis?
Something similar was happening with previous versions
I thought the developers had figured out the issue in this latest version.
I was having an issue myself but 1.4.5 seems to have fixed it at least up to now.

Hi Vicf,

Yes, when this issue occurs, it is apparent on all three axes.

I wasn’t using Gsender much until recently, so I didn’t really notice the keyboard jogging issues that have been discussed in previous versions.