Jogging lock issue

Had our machine for 8 months or so. On occasion when jogging the router the machine locks and does not jog but rather runs full along the axis we are trying to jog. So rather then a jog along the Positive Y axis, it just runs all the way to the back until it hits the rails and we have to hit the cutoff switch or shut the machine down all together. This is especially scary when probing the machine on the Z, and instead of stopping it pushes down hard on the touch plate and again an emergency shut off has to be hit, lost 2 bits because of this and the touch plate has some scars. Then today after the software patch it has done it consistently during xyz probing. First it went straight up after the xyz probing finished, had to shut it down. Then we tried again xyz probe, this time after the xyz probe it went a little negative y then full tilt negative z and slammed into the spoil board. The jog lockup isn’t as scary as the probe lockup, but me and my wife are getting leery of the machine. Anyone else having issues like this or have any ideas why?