Joinery - Mortise and Tenon

Still trying to decide on a CNC. It’s come down to LongMill vs. Onefinity. LongMill wins on price by a mile. Onefinity wins on everything else but not by too much - about what you’d expect for the price difference. Right now I’m leaning toward LongMill because of cost of entry.

I’m absolutely going to use my new benchtop for joinery - mortise and tenon, loose tenon, bridal joints, even dovetailing. So I’ll have to have a bench that can accommodate clamping a workpiece vertically and other tricks.

Imagine the Leigh FMT workstation at the end of the CNC workbench. Very tricky figuring out where 0,0,0 is but that’s an issue with every kind of router tenoning jig. The Shaper Origin people are big on this and they even offer a workstation expressly for this purpose.

Has anybody tried this? I did a search on “mortise” and on “tenon” with no hits.

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Here are some pictures of my setup for vertical stock. I assembled and mounted the
machine and then used the machine to cut the hole in the table so it would be square. I
positioned it beneath one of the spoil board sections. One photo is of the underside to
show one side of the clamping system.


That’s what I’m talking about.

I was thinking about a vertical clamping board. A smaller version of this one that somebody made for a larger AVID machine.