Joystick Doesn't Reconnect

I have a gamepad with joystick that I connect to control my Longmill through gsender. Connected via Bluetooth and works great to jog the machine.

However, after a couple of minutes it disconnects to save battery, which I expected. But, I cant get it to reconnect to gsender without shutting gsender down completely. According to the documentation that came with the gamepad, I should just have to hit the home button on the controller and it should reconnect. When I do that, it searches for a connection but doesn’t find one.

Is there something that I’m missing in gsender or is it a issue with the gamepad? It is a cheap, generic controller I got off of Amazon. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


Is the issue the Bluetooth not reconnecting for your controller, or it reconnecting but no longer functioning inside gSender? The second issue is something we can look at, the first seems related to your OS/hardware.


Hi Kevin

The problem is it is not reconnecting to Bluetooth. Don’t think it’s an issue with gsender.

Upon further review…

I did a bit of testing (retired computer programmer). The gamepad does reconnect to the PC after timing out by pressing the home button. It does not, however, reconnect to gsender.

The only way I can get it to reconnect to gsender is to shut gsender down and restart it.

I updated to the latest version of gsender hoping that would help but still doesn’t work.

Any other ideas?

Joystick gamepad is not safe for that exact reason-times out. Mine is collecting dust under the table. I just use a wireless mouse. Not a gsender issue.